Why I Recommend Square over Paypal Any Day!

Over the past year, I have tried two different credit card processing services for my photography business: Paypal and Square. There are some minor differences in how they processes and charge fees (thought Square is just about to change their structure). Bot ways of fee collection, at least for my size of business, is relatively small. But there are some other things that have made me prefer Square over Paypal by a LONG shot.

First, Square’s reports are MUCH Better.

At the close of the business day, square sends a report with the total amount purchased, the tax, the fees they are collecting, the number of transactions, and how much I will be getting. Easy to read and understand with all the information I want. They also make it easy within their app and their website to do this exact thing.

When using Paypal, I’m sure this information was available somewhere, but it is certainly not easy to find. And it was almost impossible for me to find out the tax amount I charged. I know it has to be in there somewhere, but it wasn’t easy to run any report.

Second, Paypal put holds on my money.

I us my Paypal at vendor events like art festivals and stuff like that…same with Square. After a certain amount, Paypal wouldn’t allow me to withdraw my money until a specified amount of time (a month or more if I rememberer correctly). When I asked why, they said it was industry standard for them to hold my money in case I didn’t remain in business.

I have a problem with that logic. I had sold a photograph. The customer had it. Now, I deserve my money.

Square has nothing like that at all. My funds were moving into my bank account at the close of the business day. If you have weekend sales, then they move it Monday morning is understandable and acceptable.

But why the long wait from PayPal. They were unable to give me an answer that was at all acceptable.

Third, Paypal seemingly sides with the buyer over the seller.

I admit this scenario is second hand. One happened to a friend and another happened to someone in a Facebook photography group I participate in. But, I’m not about to let it happen to me. I understand that when you are purchasing something from a. seller, you want protections. But over the past year, I have heard two disturbing stories that have moved me away from Paypal altogether. The stories recount times when Paypal refunded money to a disgruntled customer who filed a dispute despite the customer having taken the merchandise and/or having agreed to have the person redo.

Whether or not these instances are true…they certainly gave me enough pause to want to look elsewhere for someone to process my payments.

Having now used both services for the same event…I much prefer my experience with Square. I still have to use Paypal for certain things…mainly because so many other people use it for me to pay, but I will be processing a few payments as I possibly can with them.

The Four F's of Interesting Bird and Wildlife Photography

Aside from learning to get closer (like physically closer and not just cheat and crop in real tight) is learning to look for the right situations. So I wanted to give what I call the Four F’s of interesting wildlife photography. These are the ways you can make your bird and wildlife photographs really interesting beyond the bird on a branch shot.

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How Photographers are Making Photography Extinct

People love flattery. I set up booth at fairs and art shows, and one thing I can count on is someone walking into my booth, and say, “These are beautiful shots! I love your work!” And then they walk out without buying a single thing. I understand appreciating artwork. I also understand not being able to afford artwork. But the reality is that flattery and compliments don’t pay the bills. It feels nice to be flattered, but as much as I’ve complimented my mortgage company they still want paid…

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Discovering a Brand New Species of Bird...at Least Brand New to Me

few years ago I was running on a regular basis. I was staring down the double barrel reality of middle age, and wanted to be healthier. I’ve since backslidden, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I was running for miles on end, and loved every minute of it. What I loved most was how “in the moment” I felt. As a lifelong ADD sufferer, being in the moment is not something that happens very often. There is always something to drag me away. Even without ADD, mindfulness is hard to come by in today’s society. There is so much going on and…

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How to Buy Your First DSLR Camera

Every beginner want to know “What camera should I buy?” It is one of the most common questions I see on every photography forum I take part in, and the response goes something like this…

“Get a Nikon D-Something I’ve owned. I really like it”

“No get a Canon Mark-SomethingI’veowned they are so much better!” 

“You really need a Sony” 

“Sony suck because they don’t have this feature I really like.”

“I had that Canon Mark-Something once and it was crap. That’s why I now have the Canon Mark-IWentBroke and it is amazing!”

Everyone is trying to to help, but a lot more goes into buying your camera, especially a first camera than just what everyone else thinks. And crowd sourcing is not the best way to make this decision.

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