My Top 10 Locations to Photograph In and Around Dayton, Ohio

Every time I plan a vacation, one of the first things I look for is a list of locations to photograph. I scour websites, instagram accounts and tags, and guide books, if there are any. About 13 years ago, I returned to my hometown of Dayton, Ohio. I left, gladly left, and planned to never return. But life and careers opportunities ended up drawing me back to the area, and, despite initial hesitation, I have loved living in my city. There is so much I missed growing up here, and so much has changed since I left (I was gone for over 10 years).

My hope is that with this list, I can help others who either live here or are visiting to find the best spots to photograph in our beautiful area!..

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Do I need to go to photography school?

To say my career path is unorthodox would be a great understatement. I did my undergraduate and graduate work in Theology and Religion with emphasis in Ancient Biblical Languages. I have worked as a youth pastor, a carpenter, a restaurant manager, an editor at a major publisher, a special projects manager, a communications coordinator, a social media manager, a teacher, a pastor, and a photographer. My degree and formal training only qualifies me for two of those…

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Upcoming Shows and Festivals

This week has been a bit tight on blogging time; mainly because of work schedule and me preparing for my upcoming festival/show this weekend. So I just want to give you a heads up in case you are in the area and want to come out and say, “Hello!”

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Falling In Love All Over Again

My very first camera was a Pentax K1000. We didn’t have much money, but I needed it for school. So my grandmother scrapped money together and bought it for me from a the precursor to Craigslist called The Trading Post. It was a weekly sales magazine where people listed all kinds of stuff for sale. I would get them just to daydream about stuff I wanted to own.

The old guy who owned the camera loved it. It was his baby. He spent an hour explaining how everything worked and how hard it was to get rid of. I’m sure, at the time, he was rather disappointed to sell it to a “kid,” or he might have been excited, figuring he was passing on his love for photography to the next generation.

I love that camera and I loved my photography class. I found an artistic outlet that didn’t require me…

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