Artist’s Statement

Until I discovered photography, art was always something done by someone else. The camera, however, provided me  a way to create; to express visually things I feel and sense in the world around me. In a world fueled by hatred, envy, greed, and anger, I want to add beauty.  

I grew up in Dayton and left, like many who leave their childhood homes, for about 20 years to attend college, to earn my master’s degree, and to start a career. I continued photographic work throughout college, but due to the stresses of my degree, family, and career, I soon abandoned photography except for a few times throughout my adult life. I did engage in other artistic endeavors such as writing and design work, but nothing ever lived up to my love of photography.

Over the past 10 years, I have grown, and realized a hole in my life. Lacking a way to express things, I bottled them up, until a few years ago when I made.a return to photography. It became an artistic expression in imagery. I have been a public speaker for years and used words, but being able to express some things and share things I see with others has been a journey for me.

When I returned to Dayton about 15 years ago, I returned a different person. Dayton was different as well. I saw the city with fresh eyes and realized a beauty in my city I had never seen before. Over the years, my photography has centered on capturing the beauty of Dayton, and sharing it with others. My goal has been to help people see Dayton and the world around us differently; to see its beauty, and be inspired to make it a better place. I have found that the beauty closest to us is often the hardest to see, and I want to help people see that beauty in our world.

My inability to draw and paint with brush and canvas has left me to paint landscapes with light and capture it with my camera. 

Artist’s Statement

My artistic resume:

1990-1992- Photography classes and a few art shows.

1993-1994- Photographer for the Mount Vernon Nazarene College Newspaper and Yearbook

2003- Self-taught Design and layout as Special Projects Editor for Nazarene Publishing House.

2015- Picked up my camera again

2016- Published in Dayton Magazine

2017- Winner of Downtown in Focus People’s Choice and Winner of Amateur Cityscape Division

2018-Winner of Art in the City People’s Choice Award and Juried into Dayton Art Institute’s Oktoberfest; Also joined Tripod Photo Club where I have placed regularly in club competitions.

2019-Juried into the Ohio State Fair Exhibition

2019-Winner of Art in the City People’s Choice Award

2019-Juried into Art on Main in Springboro, Artfest of Miamivalley, and DAI Oktoberfest

2019-Winner of Invitational Award from the Dayton Art Institute’s Oktoberfest